Drizzling on the beach – Skywatch Friday


I’ve seen a few gulls with only one foot. I’m not sure if there are many or I just keep seeing the same one at the beach.


Skimmers taking flight across the lagoon.


Up in the dark sky, they fly around in a circle then land right back where they started from.


A lone ring billed gull.


He did not seem to mind me there. He sat down for a nap. He has beautiful deep yellow eyes.


Unfortunately, I did not find this one alive. The beach was full of dead horseshoe crabs that had washed up. This was the biggest one I saw there.


As usual, the weather has not been in my favor in January. I headed down to Fort De Soto anyway just to get out and walk around. It was a dark gloomy day. And only got darker as the morning went on. There wasn’t much on the beach. Before leaving, I stopped by east beach turnaround to see if any shorebirds were hanging around. This was all I saw. This is extremely cropped. A line of redhead ducks were cruising across the bay. I could see the lights on over at the south Sunshine Skyway Fishing pier. You can barely make out a sailboat. They must be crazy to be out in this weather. It started to rain hard so I headed for home. This was not one of those “quick summer” rain showers that you wait out.

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11 thoughts on “Drizzling on the beach – Skywatch Friday

  1. We often see the smaller shore birds such as plovers etc. missing a foot or even an entire leg. We always suspected that they can get grabbed by a crab while picking around the beach or salt marsh areas. I bet a crab claw is capable of snapping off a peep’s leg quite easily.
    Nice flock of skimmers!

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