Flowers at night


On the Monday before Christmas, it was just starting to look like fall. The cypress trees were starting to turn colors. My sister and I headed to the Largo Botanical Gardens to see the Christmas lights there. Since she had not been to the gardens before, we got there a little early to walk around in daylight. It got dark fast.


I’m not going to try to identify all of these flowers. I’ll just say this one is “pretty pink and yellow.”


This one looks like a type of hibiscus.


The tag on this tree said this was a Christmas ornament tree. I’m sure there’s a more scientific name for it. The tree was pretty all full of these.


Basic hibiscus flower. My dad used to grow these in the backyard in Clearwater.


Bright yellow hibiscus.


Orchid. This was inside the visitor’s center.


A big fish in the fish pond inside the visitor’s center.

The Monday before Christmas was a very busy day. Since my sister was visiting from South Dakota, we were trying to cram in as much stuff as we could. We started out at the zoo, had a quick lunch then drove over to the TECO plant where the manatee viewing center is. Since the weather was still warm, there wasn’t a ton of manatees in the warm water there but it was still a fun trip. After stopping by the house to change, we drove over to Largo to walk around the gardens. They drench the gardens in lights for the holiday. I brought my tripod but ended up not using it. I just turned on my flash and used my 300mm lens. The flowers popped more at night than when I try to take them during the day. It got crowded fast so we left and headed out for dinner.

Shine the Divine

4 thoughts on “Flowers at night

  1. Dave’s landscaping buddy gave dave about 4 or 5 of those Cypress trees. The one closest to the house is great, b/c it gets the most water, they have to get
    lots of water, and yes the colors on them when they turn are great.

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