Clearwater Beach – Skywatch Friday


Heading toward the fishing pier on Clearwater Beach.


Colorful way to block the wind in the winter.


We walked out to the pier right at noon so the sun was up high. It was a little chilly but still a lot of tourist on the beach.


Looking the other way, this is as close to a white Christmas as I was going to get.


I took this from far out on the pier. Clearwater Beach is a beautiful beach but usually pretty crowded during tourist seasons (spring breaks and summer holidays) so Hubby and I don’t come here often.


When you’re in Florida the day after Christmas, you don’t head to the mall. You head to the beach. It’s a great place to walk off all of that Christmas eating. When I was little and my family used to come down to Clearwater (from Alabama) for Christmas to visit the grandparents, we went to the beach almost every day. Some years we had on shorts and t-shirts and some years we had on coats. Later, when I was in college, we stopped coming down since everyone was working. My older sisters had jobs and couldn’t get away. We still went out to a park and walked around either Christmas day or the day after.

The beach was busy with visitors. The Outback Bowl was coming up so both college teams were here. There’s usually a big pep rally for the teams on the beach the day before the game. The pier has vendors selling jewelry and nick-nacks. The sidewalks are full of street entertainers so there’s a lot going on. It was a fun afternoon just hanging out.

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11 thoughts on “Clearwater Beach – Skywatch Friday

  1. That is so amazing. Here in Oregon, with our frigid, crashing sea, I’m “blown away” (lol) by the umbrellas…so pretty. But on our Coast, they wouldn’t last. LOL

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