Backyard dinner – Skywatch Friday


I saw the above eastern phoebe sitting on my neighbor’s fence and went out the side door to see if I could get a shot from the side of the house. They are usually pretty skittish but this one let me get the above shot.


I walked out on the dock and a laughing gull flew over my head.


I was about to go back in the house when I saw the above standing in my neighbor’s yard.


All of a sudden the cooper’s hawk flew into a low branch with a squirrel in his foot.


A crow flew close by and hawk was yelling at him to stay away.


Then he started to chow down. Poor squirrel.


He would take a bite and then look around. He started staring at me so I went inside. I didn’t want to watch him finish off that poor squirrel.


Later that night the sky had beautiful pink and orange clouds so I went outside and took the above in the backyard.

This was the first time I have seen a cooper’s hawk in our neighborhood. We have a lot of red shoulder hawks flying around. I probably wouldn’t have seen him if I hadn’t gone out to take a picture of the phoebe.

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