Little birds at Chesnut Park


White eyed vireo hiding deep in the bushes.


I was told by another birder at the park that this is a female common yellowthroat.


Same bird as above. She was hiding in the reeds. Or, could it be a 1st year male?


This is the first black and white warbler I’ve seen this fall.


Yellow rumped warblers are everywhere now.


Titmouse singing up a storm.


They came down from high up in the trees to see if I had bird seed to give them. After a few minutes they went back up.


All of the coots are back for the winter.


You never know what you’ll find looking down at you when you look high up in the trees.

This was one of the first cool weekends we had this fall. In mid-December we finally had a high of 70 degrees. It started out breezy in the morning but when the sun came up high it warmed up fast. Chesnut Park had a few little birds flying around. Nothing unusual though. It’s always fun to see the little titmice come down looking for a handout. They are so cute.

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9 thoughts on “Little birds at Chesnut Park

  1. Lovely post Dina and as always some wonderful imagery. I have enjoyed your 2013 posts and look forward to more in 2014. Have a superb Christmas and best wishes

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