Big brown and white birds at Honeymoon Island


The eagles are back at Honeymoon Island. I only saw one the morning in early December but the other one could have been laying so far into the nest that I couldn’t see her. Last year they got a late start and both babies died when they were almost fully grown. The team at Project Eagle Watch had them sent for a necropsy but I never did hear what happened or if they know what caused it.


Looking around. The end of the trail where the nest is located is blocked off so these are highly cropped.


The above juvenile eagle was sitting on an old osprey nest eating something.


Before I left the park, I stopped by the nature center on the way out to see what was going on behind it. Sometimes there are ducks floating around in the lagoon. I noticed something way out on an oyster bed that was exposed due to low tide and snapped. When I got home and cropped this up I realized it was juvenile eagle. I’m thinking he was a little older than the one above since he’s starting to get his white feathers. Bald eagles don’t get their full head of white until around 5 years old.


Osprey fly over. They were everywhere on the nature trail.


This one looks like he’s got a blowfish or a puffer fish.


He poked it a couple of times and then dropped it and flew off.


Another one with a striped fish. They were all eating breakfast.


I caught this one with his beak full.


This one was chilling. Hanging over the parking lot watching everyone walk by as I was leaving.


Another one was sitting even closer. This one is a female since she has those brown spots across the chest. Look at those talons!

I hadn’t been out to Honeymoon Island since May. I decided to head out and walk the nature trail and then walk the beach area. Osprey were everywhere. Sitting on the trail, flying all around, eating fish. It was an osprey convention. They were all yelling at each other so it was loud. I found one of the eagles sitting on a branch over the nest. We’re hoping for a better year with the babies.  No sign of the great horned owls but they could have been hiding.

5 thoughts on “Big brown and white birds at Honeymoon Island

  1. This is just awe-inspiring….. Ospreys falling over each other to be photographed….. Seriously Jealous! These images are fantastic and to see the Blowfish as prey is jaw droppingly good, superb post Dina

    Love it

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