Things in the backyard – Skywatch Friday


Sitting on my neighbor’s dock, she’s been hanging around a lot lately.


A juvenile white ibis was on our dock. I think he saw me through the window.


Our yard is always full of squirrels since we don’t have dogs or cats nor do our immediate neighbors.


Another day, another sunning. I wonder if this is the same lady.


This fruit was hanging over our fence from our neighbor’s yard. I was using my macro but it was a challenge since it was so windy. The orange blob kept bouncing around.


Another had ripened and opened up showing the red seeds.


A bee on the bush.


Taken during the last full moon in the backyard. It was early in the morning.

Just a few things I saw while peeking out the bedroom window and then later walking around the yard. There’s been an anhinga sleeping in our neighbor’s tree lately. I wonder if it’s the same one above. I can see her shadow in the tree in the morning when I get up. A big limb hangs over the water and she’s been sleeping there a couple of months.

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12 thoughts on “Things in the backyard – Skywatch Friday

  1. Beautiful captures! I also see the moon in the morning after the night’s full moon, actually i’ve posted that too. However, i can’t get a lovely, clear, vivid shapes of the craters and valleys. I did that once at moonrise but can’t, for the life of me, repeat it. Desparately trying again and again, haha!

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