Early November birds at Fort De Soto


Another plover on the beach.


This short billed dowitcher didn’t even bother looking up.


The palm warblers really like having their picture taken.


Kestrel on a branch. I usually only see them on the utility lines.


Hawk looking for something in the grass.


One of the Fort De Soto eagles on top of the utility tower in the middle of the park. Two years ago their nest in the tree got knocked down during a storm and they moved to the tower. The nest is up high and it’s not a good view to get a picture. Both eagles have been seen hanging around lately.


Yet another palm warbler shot. They have become as common as gulls now.

It was early November and a nasty storm came through on Saturday. The brave birders were out and saw several rare sightings at the park. I read about it Saturday night so I headed out Sunday afternoon. After searching for several hours with other birders, I saw none of the birds that were sighted there the day before. When am I going to learn to get out in the rain??? It seems like the only avocet sightings here are when it’s raining or just stopped raining. I can never seem to catch them. One of these days!

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18 thoughts on “Early November birds at Fort De Soto

  1. Super photos, as usual, Dina. And when you learn to be a bad-weather birder, who knows? You might see birds you’ve never seen before. LOL
    I am always interested in eagles because there are so many nests now in the Vancouver, BC, area where I spent my working life. I’m so glad they are coming back strong after the losses they suffered in the mid-20th century.
    Your palm warblers are so cute, posing for photos. I don’t think I’d ever tire of seeing them.

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