Great Blue Heron Day


There were two great blue herons sitting together on this tree in the middle of the lake. I think they were already working on a nest.


After he stretched his wings, he had an itch.


This one had a siren (a type of eel with feet) in his beak.


It was a big siren!


He struggled for a few minutes with it.


Down the hatch. It looks like it’s stuck in his throat.


A perfect pose. Another one chilling on the trail.

This Saturday morning at Circle B Bar Reserve felt like Great Blue Heron day. They were everywhere. I felt like there were more at the park than I have ever seen before. Last spring we had a pair build a nest and raise a baby right on the trail. Here’s hoping for another nest or maybe more this year.

7 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron Day

  1. What great shots of the herons! I like the white and black raised crest in the first photo, and his watchful expression, and the feathers fanning out on its lower chest there and in the last photo. It’s hard to notice that seeing one fly by. They are not so cool if in your pond eating your koi. They seem to be everywhere I live. Once one was flying low up a hill as I was driving down, we were nearly on a collision course.

  2. Nice blog and amazing captures! That looks like a huge eel/sired caught and putting up some fight here! But in the end the bird was able to win the battle and gulp that whole thing down okay really?? It seems like it would have trouble fitting down that long/skinny neck. Also, if actually eaten, does the unlucky prey get swallowed wriggling/alive all the way as well?!


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