Little critters at the Florida Botanical Gardens


Testing out my new macro lens. It’s a Nikon 85mm. I didn’t have to get too close to this bee. Although it was hard to get him to sit still for a few seconds.


A flowering cactus plant that had a green fly on it.


Tiny lizard.


White butterfly.


Tiny dragonfly.


Tiny dragonfly up-close. A little blurry. I still have some work to do learning to use the macro lens.


A tricolored heron hiding in the reeds. (Taken with my regular 300mm lens).

For my recent birthday, I got a new macro lens. Yea! Another new toy.  I headed out to the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo one morning in early October to practice taking macro shots. It was still hot so it was hard to concentrate while sweat was pouring off my head. I think I might have to wait for the weather to cool off before pursuing this which could mean December here. The gardens were really quiet with birds. I was thinking I always saw great birds here before. Pileated woodpeckers, Carolina wrens and wild parakeets are usually there. I didn’t see any of those. So I spent the morning taking pictures of bugs and flowers.

6 thoughts on “Little critters at the Florida Botanical Gardens

  1. Lovely post. I have been trying out my macro lens (its been boxed up for two years), its a whole new photographic world, and a learning curve all over again. Fun trying though

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