No hummingbirds at Lettuce Lake Park


What little sign of fall I could find. Almost dead weeds.


The park was covered in beauty berries. With so many berries you would think there would be a lot of birds around to eat them but no. It was a quiet almost birdless morning.


A green heron picking at the muck.


I’m thinking this is a juvenile male red-winged blackbird. He was not quite in full colors yet.


A female red-winged blackbird was close by.


Seeing double.


Spiders were everywhere.


This spider was up high in the trees chowing on a dragonfly.

It was another hot quiet morning out in the park. I went hoping to see the hummingbirds again and get some better shots. I remembered to bring my tripod this time. I went straight to the nature center and walked around back to look for the hummingbird feeder. It was gone. I went into the nature center and talked to Diane, the ranger who is usually at the park on Saturdays. She said that lately the hummers have only been coming around late in the afternoon so she took the feeder down to clean it. I guess another trip to park later in the day is in order.

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17 thoughts on “No hummingbirds at Lettuce Lake Park

  1. Well, like all of us who ever feed birds they’ve gotta’ clean those feeders sometimes. My neighbor back in Oregon took hers down for that reason and when she brought it back three hummers buzzed her before she could get it hung! I told her next time tell me so I can be ready with my camera )))

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