Beach birds at Fort Desoto


“What is that blue thing?” I asked the ruddy turnstone. “A piece of tourist trash’ was his response.


Tricolored heron creeping along the edge. He thinks he’s sneaking up on the fish.


Piping plovers in front of the sleeping red knots.


He’s so tiny.


A yawn and a big stretch from the oystercatcher.


A few marbled godwits were with the red knots.


A reddish egret guarding the “Keep out” signs.


Another oystercatcher along the water.


Up on the fishing pier, a flock of snowy egrets were waiting for the guy to drop his bait fish.

Nothing to unusual at the beach in mid-August. Piping plovers are pretty rare around here so those few were pretty exciting to see. They were all sleeping in front of the big flock of red knots. It was a beautiful Saturday morning but still not luck with sighting the brown booby that’s been seen there on and off for a while.

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11 thoughts on “Beach birds at Fort Desoto

  1. Nothing too unusual for you maybe, but plenty unusual for me. I rarely see any of those birds anywhere near me so it is a treat to have you putting them out here where I can enjoy them. Thanks Dina, for another fun visit …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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