Vultures eating green foam at Medard Park


An osprey hovering, looking for breakfast over the lake.


Female grackles were lined up on the boardwalk.


Female red-winged blackbird looking at me.


Juvenile red-winged blackbird showing off.


If there aren’t a lot of fishermen on the boardwalk in the morning, you can usually find a few limpkins standing on the rail.


Up-close bee shot (there weren’t many birds there).




There’s a sign at the boat ramp parking lot warning that vultures will tear apart your windshield wipers and that you should cover them. The vulture here found a new toy to tear apart.


This owner was going to come back from kayaking to find all of green foam padding torn off. I hope they leave him enough to get his kayak back home. I’m not sure why they like shredding things. Although my cockatiels at home love to shred newspaper and cardboard so I guess I’m not surprised.

I knew it was going to be hot. Mid-August, sunny, not a cloud in the sky, no wind. I thought I’d torture myself anyway by going on an early morning walk at Medard park. The snail kites had been sighted there on and off and I was hoping to see them again. No sign of them or much of any birds. At least the park was quiet and I got a good walk in.

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