Clearwater marina – Skywatch Friday


Hubby has eaten lunch here. Good tourist food. You can just barely see one of the big dinner boat cruises to the right of it.


One of the painted turtles is housed inside the Clearwater marina building. This is a perfect example of some of the snow birds who spend the winter here, black ankle socks with brown sandals.


A view from the marina facing the beach. Nothing says “tourist spot” like a dolphin and sunset painted on the building.


A night heron hanging around the dock.


Lots of tourist boats at the marina. You can go sailing, sight-seeing, deep-sea fishing, para-sailing, dinner cruising and the best tourist thing to do is ride on the pirate ship.


There aren’t many docks that don’t have a resident green heron hanging around.


Creepy looking fish head skull nailed to the post.

After spending several hours looking for the common eider with no luck, I stopped by the Clearwater beach marina to walk around for a few minutes. I hadn’t been since early last March when my sister came to visit. It looks the same. I don’t think anything about it has changed in the last 20 years. It was before lunch and the tourists were starting to line up to take a trip on the sight seeing boats. When I was really young I used to come down to Clearwater to visit the grandparents with my family. One of my dad’s favorite things to do before dinner was going to the marina to watch the 5pm deep-sea fishing boats come in. They would haul their catch off the boats and gut the fish right there. You could buy fresh fish right off the boat. We would walk around and he would take pictures of the pelicans hanging around for a handout. Those were the good ole days.

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11 thoughts on “Clearwater marina – Skywatch Friday

  1. Hi Dina….I just got that this is Clearwater Florida and that your handle of ‘Snowbird’ means – someone from the cold north visiting Florida?
    My son Jarrod was born in Ft. Lauderdale in 1966 when Florida was still relatively undeveloped and wide open. I can remember very clearly taking a prop plane over the Everglades to the West Coast of Florida looking at property for sale……at that point development was just beginning to happen.
    I have been thinking that you were Dina from up north in the UK…….Anyway, love your posts, and find them very interesting. Janet. x

  2. We can still do that buy fish off the boat thing here in Oregon and we did it in Texas when we used to winter there. But not in Florida any more? Even in your part? Hmm… oh well. If I come over to Clearwater to check out that marina next season, I promise not to wear black socks with my brown sandals. (I’ll wear white ones ;>)))))))!

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