Least and royal terns at Gandy beach


Least tern with bands. He was born in 2009 on top of one of the industrial buildings close by Gandy beach.


A least tern adult preening before bedtime.


A baby least tern screaming for food. This one is old enough to fly but still getting fed by mom.


The juvenile royal tern on the left is still begging for food. This is a common sight right now on the beaches.


Another juvenile royal tern giving me the eye.


“Can I get some deodorant over here?”


“No? Then I’m outta here.”


“I think I can fly anyway.”

Gandy beach is full of royal and least terns. At least when it’s raining and the beach isn’t full of people. The night I went looking for the white-winged scoter in the rain I stopped by the little beach before Gandy bridge and saw many of the above. All of these were taken from the car. The birds were skittish this night and would take off if I opened the door.


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