Hanging around a cemetery


When I first got to Oakland cemetery it was raining so I stood under the covered porch at the visitor’s center and was watching the house sparrows feed at the feeder.


The rain stopped and it was only a light drizzle so I started walking around.  I saw this brown thrasher in the bushes by the center.


My first American goldfinch. It’s either a female or juvenile.  Males have a small black cap on their forehead. They are not uncommon in central Florida but they usually only come through during migration and I kept missing them. Thanks to Cobb for the ID.


Pigeon hanging around the cemetery.


Yes, another robin. They were everywhere I went in Atlanta.


These two juvenile robins were chasing each other around.


Another brown thrasher.


Squirrel eating his nut upside down. He makes it look so comfortable.


Someone had been walking his dog and they sat down to rest.

Just a few things I saw on my rainy walk around the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta.

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