Flowers in Oakland cemetery








All of the above were taken at Oakland Cemetery in downtown Atlanta. We made our annual 4th of July weekend trip to visit the in-laws and was rained on most of the time. Early Friday morning it was only a drizzle so I headed out to walk around and get some pictures.


This was the view of downtown Atlanta the entire time we were there.


Cool statue in the cemetery.


Oakland Cemetery is one of my favorite places to visit in Atlanta. Even though it was drizzling most of the morning there were still a few tourist out walking around and a few locals walking their dogs.  I did see a few birds while I was there. More on those later.


7 thoughts on “Flowers in Oakland cemetery

  1. We visited the family cemetery this past weekend. Oneida is a small town and the cemetery is filled with those that settled the town and held it together through two horrific world wars, came back to farm the land and to pass this all on to those that would follow…The view from someone’s shoulders is truly amazing.

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