Tear it down already! – Skywatch Friday


View of the St. Petersburg pier from the parking lot.


Walking towards the building.


Up front. One last look, or so we thought. This building was planned to be torn down in August. It officially closed after Memorial Day weekend. Now there is still controversy over what will replace it. I think the date to tear it down has been pushed back.


View from the top. We went hoping to get sunset pictures. It was beautiful and sunny all day long. Later in the day, a wall of clouds appeared.


There were still some spots of sun looking out over the bay.


From the top of the building looking out over the bay.


Why are all of the clouds behind downtown?


The sun was almost down and still no sign of it showing its face. Oh well! Maybe some day there will be something cool here to come see and take pictures of. The old structure is falling apart and there are plans to do something different here only the city cannot agree on what that is. Until that is decided, this was my last look of downtown St. Pete from the water. I had many memories here. When I was growing up we used to come here to visit on our trips to Florida to visit the grandparents.

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8 thoughts on “Tear it down already! – Skywatch Friday

  1. We were there 30 years ago, when we brought our kids to visit grandparents who were wintering in St. Petersburg! Saw manta rays from the pier, they still remember that over anything else about the trip! Pretty big deal for kids born in South Dakota to see saltwater environment for the first time.

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