Dinner with the Skimmers


“Now if I could only find my chick.”


“Don’t let it get sandy.”


“Down the hatch.”


“Look Mom, I can flip my fish already.”


“Stop teasing me!”

DSC_3487“Yum, yum.”


“Stop fighting over this lousy fish.”


“Is this our pre-meal workout?”


“Hey, where’s mine?”


“Littlest baby gets the biggest fish.”


“It’s stuck!”


“Can I have chicken nuggets instead?”


“Mine! Mine!”

So many mouths to feed. As the sun went down, more parents were bringing in fish for the baby skimmers. You wonder how that fish can fit inside that tiny body but all of the babies got them down. It’s so funny to watch them get excited over the fish. Chaos starts when a parent flies in to the roped off area with a fish. Gulls try to steal the fish from the skimmer as he flies in. Other babies run up to the wrong parent trying to get the fish. Other skimmer parents try and steal the fish. It’s amazing how they know which baby belongs to them. They all look alike and there were babies everywhere. They always get the fish to the right ones.


10 thoughts on “Dinner with the Skimmers

  1. Hi Dina Well that was an absolutely wonderful set of shots and captions. I did really laugh out loud. Mind you when I saw the one’ Is this our pre-meal workout?’, I did think that the parents looked like they were walking like models, crossing one foot over the other and in a straightish line down the sand. But look at the chick on the left, he is copying his parnets and has already mastering the feet over move!

  2. That’s quite the scene you painted, total chaos but a fun one to watch, and your series of photos was outstanding. Thank you for starting my morning off with a smile.

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