Sawgrass Lake after work.


The usual anhinga drying off in the sun.


Dragonfly shining in the sun.


Juvenile red shoulder hawk hiding in the trees. He was right over my car in the parking lot.


Finally, after several trips to Sawgrass Lake Park I see a swallow-tail kite flying over the park.


Looks like he’s eating something as he’s flying.


It’s funny they way they fly and eat and the same time. Yes, I know, kind of like us driving and eating at the same time.


He soared over the trees and I didn’t see him again. I stared at the big tree that is supposed to have the nest in it but I couldn’t see anything. I heard it was back in the tree behind the leaves. Unless I saw the parent flying right in, I was not going to find it. It was far away across the little river that runs through the park.


I hears a big crunch noise and looked over the boardwalk. I saw this alligator eating a turtle. I took this with my iphone since all I had was my 300mm lens with me.


Mushrooms were everywhere since we had a lot of rain in June.

I had a nice walk around Sawgrass Lake park after work in the middle of June. The highlight was seeing the swallow-tail kite after several trips there and not spotting them. The other highlight was the alligator eating a turtle. He chomped a few times then just stopped. He sat there for a long time with the turtle in his mouth without moving. I finally left. It was started to get dark and I was hungry too.


7 thoughts on “Sawgrass Lake after work.

  1. Hi That was a wonderful walk around the park and I am so pleased you saw the Swallow tailed Kite. It was great to see how it used its foot and beak to eat with. Great to see the Alligater but I understnd why Tex said Yikes as she has Turtles in her yard! Margaret

  2. Interesting series and beautiful precise photographs. Of course my favourite is the dragonfly. You have turned him into a work of art – lovely colour and pattern, great composition. Thank you for sharing him on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

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