A few birds at Honeymoon Island


I got out of my car in the parking lot, walked around to get my camera from the passenger side and saw this staring at me. An eastern towhee. My first one I’ve seen in Florida. I’ve only ever seen them in Atlanta before. This was early June so he must be a late migrater passing through.


He was watching me get my stuff out of the car. He posed nicely for me and then took off.


I saw this eastern kingbird out on the trail.


After walking out to the end of the trail, I headed out to the little beach at the north end of the park. Right as I got out there, a skimmer came by.


He circled around and came back for another skim. He was all alone.


He was busy feeding for a few minutes.


The usual tricolored heron prancing around in the water.

It was a beautiful morning in early June. I hadn’t been to Honeymoon Island in a long time. I was not expecting to see much there. I originally went to check out any baby osprey. I did manage to find a few other things though. The towhee in the parking lot was the highlight. After taking several pictures of him I thought “Anything else I get today is gravy.”

4 thoughts on “A few birds at Honeymoon Island

  1. I love the “look” you got from the towhee! that is the kind of glare you get from your mother when your behavior is going to get you called by your FULL name, and trouble is coming.

  2. I’m glad for this post; I am skipping around catching up on Florida and havingi a wonderful time here. But I just now read your post about the no-baby ospreys and the eagles, so I am glad to see on this post that some of the bird life is doing well. Darn that towhee is adorable!

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