Baby skimmers – class of 2013


“Oh no, here comes another giant with the black box. Let’s stay in our hole so she can’t see us.”


“Mom, can I go to a party tonight? Little Johnny from two holes down is having his 2nd day birthday party”


“Where’s my fish?”


“If I can’t fly yet, I’ll jump.”


“Don’t step on us! We blend into the sand so watch where you are walking on the beach this summer.”


“Mom won’t notice if I sneak away.”


“This is not comfortable but Mom says it’s not safe to be out running around by ourselves. A laughing gull or crow might eat us.”


“When are these eggs gonna hatch?”


“Stay away you mean gulls and crows.”


“Mom, your butt smells funny.”


Something spooked the skimmer colony. All of the parents took off flying. Luckily everyone got back to their babies safely but it’s not good to have the parents leave the nest because of below.


This crow was hanging around the skimmer area, looking for an unsupervised chick.

There’s a section of the beach where the skimmers congregate and build nests in the sand to have their babies. The area is roped off and watched over by a group of volunteers (bird stewards). Last year the area was full of newly hatched babies when thunderstorm Debby hit in late June and flooded the beach. Most of the babies were lost and the skimmers did not re-nest. This year, a little earlier in June, thunderstorm Andrea came through and flooded the beach. It was not as bad as last year and none of the eggs had hatched yet. The front half of the roped off area was flooded and the eggs all settled on a mound in the middle. Most of those skimmers have since laid eggs again. I had heard a few babies had hatched so at the end of June I headed out after work. A handful of eggs in the back of the area had hatched so there were a few babies already running around. Some where only a day or two old.

These little baby birds have so much personality. They sneak out from under mom and act like they are going to be brave. Something spooks them and they run back under mom. They go chasing after the parent when it comes back with a fish. Their little wings are flapping so hard even though they are barely moving. It seemed to be feeding time and I got tons of babies with fish pictures which I’ll post later.

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19 thoughts on “Baby skimmers – class of 2013

    • Oh My Goodness, are those darling birds or what! You got some of the most deligthful images. The one of the little one jumping should be on Hallmark greeting cards…and I would buy the first one. If that does not make someone smile, nothing would~

  1. More than wonderful Dina. I am envious of you getting to see those babies — and for that matter so many skimmers. They do have a lot of personality (although it’s helped along by your wonderful commentary!) It was sad to read about the storms causing havoc, but glad they were able to start over successfully this time.

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