Same old birds at Circle B Bar Reserve


The osprey was yelling at the vultures on the left to get a room!


Lazy moorhens.


A hybrid muscovy duck of some sort was following me along the Marsh Rabbit Run trail. He must have been lost. I’ve never seen a muscovy duck in this park. He came pretty close. He didn’t seem hurt so I kept on walking.


Typical female anhinga pose.


Purple gallinule showing off his big yellow feet.


Green heron looking at something in the marsh.


Juvenile blue heron just starting to get his blue feathers.


Baby hawk yelling for his mom to bring food. The other sibling was already gone. This one was probably days away from flying the coop.

Nothing unusual to see on my walk at Circle B Bar Reserve back in late May. All of the winter birds and ducks were gone with the exception of a small flock of white pelicans still hanging out across the lake. Most of the spring migration birds were gone. Babies were growing up fast. Even though things were slowing down, there’s still a lot to see. It was right before the summer heat set in.  Now it’s just a million degrees and a thousand percent humidity so I’ll be heading to the beach more for that summer breeze.

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16 thoughts on “Same old birds at Circle B Bar Reserve

  1. As always, it’s loads of fun to come see you. Your bird pictures are endlessly wonderful … love the baby hawk … trying to figure out what kind it is … Do you know? Thanks again Dina …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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