A walk around a pond after work


Still working on my dragonfly shots.


There are always bunnies along the sidewalk. They don’t seem to mind the joggers going by but if you stop for a few seconds and look at them, they hop into the bushes.


My first brown thrasher of the year. This one was in the shade near some bushes. He had popped out to get a bug.


Red winged blackbirds are the “go to” birds when no one else is around. This one was at least posing on a pretty weed.


I got excited when I saw a black necked stilt. I’ve never seen one at this pond before.


I got even more excited when I saw another one sitting on a nest. This is a slim chance nest though. She’s on a mud flat near the edge of the pond during a drought. If we get more than 3 inches of rain it will flood this nest. Rainy season was just about to start. This pond has a lot of small alligators creeping around. This was in mid-May and I haven’t made it back to see if the nest was still there. It’s a tough one.


Seeing a slight rainbow before the sun went down.

I hit the park near work for a walk before heading home. This was the same area where I had seen the sora rails. I had heard there was a Virginia rail there and went looking for it. No luck on the rail but I did see the stilt on the nest.

7 thoughts on “A walk around a pond after work

  1. HI Lovely set of photos. Great to see the Blak winged Stilt and especially on its nest. I loved the last shot with the different colours through the spray. Margaret

  2. Great shots, Dina! The Stilts built a nest at our local wetlands too! This week all 4 eggs hatched! I hope all the little chicks stay safe (lots of gators there too)!

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