Hungry baby great egrets


“Mom, feed us!”


Both babies clamp on to mom. At this point they look almost as big as the parent.


Getting a mouthful.


Mom must have a headache after all that jerking around the babies do.


“Maybe it will go in easier if I turn upside down.”


Another younger baby waiting to be fed.


Getting mom’s undivided attention since he was the only baby on this nest.


A few more shots from my late April trip to the bird rookery at Gatorland in Orlando. Most of the baby egrets were growing up fast when I was there for my 2nd trip. The just-hatched babies I took pictures of in mid-March where now fully grown. They look just like their parents except for the way they act. They were still sitting on the nest screaming for Mom to feed them. They were acting like needy hungry birds (which I’m sure they are depending on the parents to bring them food).

They are pretty babies, with perfect white feathers since they haven’t been out on their own yet in the water and dirt getting their own food.

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