Fun things at the zoo


A pretty blue damselfly.


Grasshoppers are invading the zoo for the summer.


The mandrills have interesting faces.


Playing with the branches.


The baby red tail guenon found a piece of plastic floating in the pool. I’m sure the wind blew it in from the neighborhood nearby. It was really windy this morning.


Of course, like any baby, he puts it in his mouth. Once he realized it wasn’t yummy, he dropped and continue to look for more things to put in his mouth.


There are still a lot of manatees at the manatee hospital, recovering from red tide.

Just a few things I saw on my walk around the zoo looking for baby birds.

Camera Critters

4 thoughts on “Fun things at the zoo

  1. Each time I decided which photo to comment on, the next photo stunned me! You have captured the spirit of each character! But finally I decided! The intense stare of the mandrill is amazing and the baby guenon – I have never seen one before – is simply incredible!

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