Cormorants and Anhingas – high up in the trees


Cormorant with a mouth full of leaves.


Heading to the nest with his sad little branch of mostly dead leaves.


This anhinga pulled off a fir tree branch. It looks like that brown stuff on the end will be good padding for the nest.


Off he goes with his branch to the nest.


Another cormorant is also pulling branches off.


Can he carry that heavy branch?


He’s going to try.


“Honey, here’s another stick.”


These anhingas are almost finished nesting. The mom is trying to feed the almost grown baby while the sibling looks off into the wild blue yonder.


It looks like the baby has his head all the way up her beak. You can see where the baby’s beak is poking through her skin in the middle of her neck. He’s getting that fish out. The middle baby is waiting patiently.


While the bigger sibling is feeding, the smaller one decides to get some grub and sticks his beak in there as well.

High up in the trees at the bird rookery in Gatorland, the traffic was busy with cormorants and anhingas. Many were just starting to build nests and a few were already feeding big babies.  It’s funny how the bird rookery seems to be sectioned off. Low in the mangroves are the egrets and herons nesting along the boardwalk. Across the lake is where the storks tend to stay. High up in the trees are where the big brown birds usually nest. There are several trees that tower over the boardwalk so you have to be careful where you stand or you might get a hair full of baby birdy poo.


11 thoughts on “Cormorants and Anhingas – high up in the trees

  1. Excellent shots, Dina. We had an Anhinga visit us here in San Angelo, Texas a couple of years ago. This is my first visit to your blog. Thank you for visiting mine.

  2. Our Rookery was blown down last year and the birds have moved to other places which I haven’t been able to find. These are wonderful shots. Your Cormorants seem more colorful than ours … ours are all black. Maybe I just don’t get close enough to see that beautiful blue and the orange on the beaks. Great shots Dina of the Cormorants and Anhingas … We don’t have Anhingas here so that was a treat.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. I so much enjoyed your bird images – and my favourite really is the one you chose for MoM. The composition is really interesting and the contrast between the dark tones and bright orange i love!
    Thanks for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:) And my apologies for responding so late!

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