My first Cape May Warbler


These are not good pictures but I wanted to show off my first Cape May warbler sighting. He was high up in the trees and it was late in the day, right before sunset.


I doubt I would have found him by myself. There were several other people wandering around the picnic area at the east beach looking for him. There had been sightings of him posted the day before in the trees in front of the big picnic shelter. A lady yelled across the grounds. She had found him. We all ran over and started shooting. He was high up in an old oak tree.


He’s really pretty with all of that yellow and hints of orange and brown. There was a female there as well but she stayed at the very top of the tree, out of sight.


He was digging around in what looked like holes made by a woodpecker.


Something else flew into the tree above him.


It was a white eyed vireo with a grasshopper in his mouth.


Then a yellow-bellied sapsucker landed in the tree. I guess he’s the one making all of those holes. It was a busy tree that night.


The highlight of the night though was seeing the rogue rooster. Someone had dropped off a rooster at the park. They probably thought it would be cool to have one and then found out it is illegal to have one in the city limits so they thought Fort Desoto would be a good place to dump him. I had read about it on Facebook but had forgotten about it until I saw him cruising around the picnic area. They had posted they were trying to catch him although the coyotes would probably get to him first. What? There are coyotes in Fort Desoto? I’ve never seen them. I would love to see one. Anybody else seen them there? A coyote with a rooster in his mouth! Now that would be a great shot. Hey, the coyote’s gotta eat too.

It was a very productive hour and a half trip to Fort Desoto after work.


4 thoughts on “My first Cape May Warbler

  1. The warbler is, indeed, a beauty. And I just love the name “yellow-bellied sapsucker” — can’t you just imagine John Wayne growling at an enemy “you yellow-bellied sapsucker, I’ll get you for that”? Probably more roosters in John Wayne movies, however, especially when he played one himself in Rooster Cogburn!
    A great bird day in Florida, Dina. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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