Crabs for breakfast.


White ibis with a tiny crab.


This snowy egret showed up and was like “Hey, what are you guys eating?”


“Is that how you do it? You’ve got to put your whole beak in the water?” says the snowy egret.


Another yummy crab.


“I don’t see any crabs down there” says the snowy egret. “You can’t dig this deep.” says the ibis to the snowy egret.


More crabs for breakfast.


“That one bit me going down” says the ibis.


“Hey, you dropped it!” says the snowy egret.

We stood there watching a few white ibis eating crabs in the shallow lagoon at Fort Desoto one morning. The water was calm and the ibis were busy eating crab after crab with a few shrimp thrown in. The snowy egret kept walking around and watching the ibis but never seemed to get anything.

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