Downtown St. Pete and some bright colored glass.


A dark cold day at the St. Petersburg pier.


It was windy so there were a few sailboats out in the bay.


This poor pelican looks like he scraped his head. He was hanging out at the pier. Why does if feel like everywhere I go, I see injured pelicans?


Some of the cool glass at the Chihuly exhibit in downtown St. Pete.


A boat of balls.


On the Sunday my sister was visiting in early March, it was dark and cold. At least it didn’t rain even thought it looked like it would all day. We headed down to the St. Pete pier since it may be the last time my sister sees it before she comes back. The famous pier is supposed to be torn down to build a new one at some time. The city keeps arguing over what to do so I’m not sure when it will be torn down. We made a quick stop in the Chihuly exhibit which is close by to look at the glass artwork. It made for a nice outing even though it was freezing by my standards. It was still nice to be out and near the water.


11 thoughts on “Downtown St. Pete and some bright colored glass.

  1. Chihuly glass is always wonderful, but when it’s orange … oh my. Perfect MOM post, Dina … love it! Loved your baby egrets as well … you sure lead a great life … sometimes I wish I was you 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. You have captured the beauty of the colour and light of the glass so well. A beautiful artwork in itself! thank you for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:)
    Love you birds too btw:)

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