Portraits of zoo animals


Meerkat with a dirty nose. I guess they spend their entire lives dirty.


Penguin with pink eyeshadow.


Flamingo with a curve.


Double eagles. It’s not often you see these two close together.


Some type of stork in the African aviary.  I thought the bright yellow beak with the red face was pretty cool and then I noticed the touch of pink in his feathers.


Most popular face award.


Eye of the tiger. Look at those white whiskers.


Portrait of a maribou stork that was only a day or two old.

On a recent trip to the Lowry Park zoo, I only took my 300mm fixed lens. I wanted to try it out on the baby elephant and see if the pictures looked different from using my old 70-300mm zoom. I decided that it would be my one lens for the day and see what I came up with. One thing I realized is that you get a lot closer to the animals there than you think. I kept thinking “I need my zoom.” so I could zoom out. Instead, I just focused on getting close up portrait shots of the animals, something I don’t do that often. It was a fun morning and the above are some of my favorite shots and since I’ve taken an annoying amount of baby elephant shots, I’ll be posted more of those soon as well.

Camera Critters

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