Flappers not from the 1920’s


Male redhead flapping.


Northern Shoveler flapping.


Another male redhead flapping.


Female redhead watching me as she flapped.


A male redhead really showing off.


As I stood at the duck pond outside of Fort Desoto park, all I could hear was the constant sound of flapping. This was a good morning to practice the “getting the duck up on his back flapping” shot. With thousands of ducks there, there were always a few ducks up flapping. They were all busy preening or taking a morning nap. Usually when a duck takes a quick bath and starts preening himself, he usually stands up and flaps his wings for a few seconds to get the excess water off. To have so many of them doing it at the same time was pretty funny.

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7 thoughts on “Flappers not from the 1920’s

  1. Hi Dina, What a pleasure to find your interesting blog thanks to your kind comment left on mine. You are surely in a wonderful area for wildlife photos. I was amazed at your story about the Save Our Seabirds project. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend. John

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