Black bellied whistler duck convention


When I got to the end of Marsh Rabbit Run trail at Circle B Bar Reserve, I turned the corner and saw the above. Black bellied whistling ducks down the Wading Bird trail. It was the first time I had ever seen them hanging out on the trail like that.


I slowly walked a little closer. They didn’t move. Most were hanging out on the bank of the marsh.


They looked up for a minute at me and then went back to digging around in the grass.


I think these are the toddlers I had seen a few weeks earlier. They were in the same pond. All grown up now but they haven’t got their pink or black color yet.


“Make room!” More ducks kept flying in.


Even more showed up. They have the entire park but stayed close together in one area.


This one was far off into the marsh but I thought it was funny that he was trying to sleep while balancing on that twig. I guess he figured with all of the alligators around, it was safer to sleep up on the twig.

Short video of some of the ducks feeding. You can hear the constant wheezing and whistling going on. It was really loud for while but was also windy so I was trying to catch the sound without the wind drowning it out.

If you’re looking for a duck convention to attend, head to Circle B Bar Reserve. Follow the whistling sound. The park was full of them right before Christmas. They should stay most of the winter so I’m sure there will be more whistling duck pictures to follow. They are just too much fun to pass on taking pictures.

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5 thoughts on “Black bellied whistler duck convention

  1. Wow…awesome shots…I have never seen these ducks before I don’t think. Oh my I would have gotten so excited if it were me. Thanks for being there and sharing this with us!

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