In the in-laws yard – Skywatch Friday


I looked out the window on Christmas eve and the above is what I saw. Dark gray skies and bare branches.


I walked outside and it was drizzling.  I saw movement high up in the trees and realized there were a few robins in the tree eating the little nuts. I ran out in the rain with my camera and took a few shots of the robins.


After running errands, the sky started to clear up a bit and when we drove into the driveway, I saw the above in a tree.


I ran into the house and got my camera and was able to get a few shots of the yellow bellied sapsucker before it clouded up again.


Monday and Tuesday were a constant drizzle. At least it wasn’t freezing.


Almost full moon coming out before dark.

The first two days of our Christmas trip to Atlanta were sunny and cold. I was able to get some shooting in both of those days. The last two days were rainy which was just as well since I still had a few pre-Christmas things to get done and then Christmas day was spent indoors with the family. The in-laws’ yard is full of old growth trees and the birds stay high up in the trees. In the morning I can hear all of the bird activity but when I walk out the door, seeing them and getting shots are another matter. The most common ones in their yard were cardinals, blue jays, robins and sapsuckers. I kept hearing a carolina wren but could not see him. The sapsucker was the only one that got down low enough that I could get a decent shot.

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