Late bloomers in my neighborhood









Two weekends before Christmas I was heading home from a park with my camera in my car. I pass a small pond on the way into my neighborhood and happen to look over and see a mom with a baby duck on the sidewalk around the pond. I pulled over and got out with my camera and realized there were three babies! They were so cute. I plopped down on the sidewalk and watched them playing for a few minutes. I guess with the warmer weather we’ve had this December, these little ones came late, or early. We’re going to get some cold spells in between the warm weather so I hope mom keeps them warm. They stayed pretty close to her and eventually jumped in the water so she went in after them. I could have spent all afternoon watching them but I was hungry and headed home for lunch.


8 thoughts on “Late bloomers in my neighborhood

  1. It is so nice to see open water and springtimey ducklings! I am looking out on a snowy backyard with wild turkeys all fluffed out to stay warm! Nice camera work,

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