Fall at Kapok Park


I get to the small park and see this. Fall colors everywhere.


The bald cyress trees had started to turn colors. It’s the only fall leaves I’ve seen in this area so far this season.


The park looked pretty with all of the colors around the lake and small marsh ponds.


I didn’t see many birds there but ran into the above walking around the edge of the lake in pine straw.


One of the few birds I saw besides limpkins at the park. The above little blue heron was looking for a snack.


It looks like he’s got a green worm of some sort.

The sun started peeking out about halfway through my walk. I was out running much-needed errands and decided to stop and do a quick walk around Kapok Park. I hadn’t been in months. The fall colors were a treat. I looked around for the owls who usually spend the winter there but could not find them. It’s a needle in a haystack with all of the big oak and pine trees there. Another lady was also looking. She had seen one there a few days earlier so we know they’re around. Without finding them, I had to leave and finish my errands.

6 thoughts on “Fall at Kapok Park

  1. Now I definitely LEARNED something today….I did NOT know that the bald cypress turned color. I, honestly, thought they were evergreen. Well, I’ll be darned. Thanks to you and sharing these wonderful images…I am now informed – guess I have lived under a rock for 6 decades. And they’re beautiful. As are your heron photos. I especially like the last one…the close up of its eyes. Super.

    Thanks for lending and sharing your link this week at the Bird D’Pot!! And, have a happy New Year!

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