Cardinals for Christmas





I couldn’t find any snow.  Even in Atlanta, where I’m visiting the in-laws for a few days.  It’s still pretty cold. It was 30 degrees when I snuck out of the house early in the morning to find some birds. I found these at the Oakland Cemetery in downtown Atlanta. Lots of birds there foraging around for food and drinking out of the empty planters. I saw two new birds but more on those later.

Hope you are having a safe and warm holiday!

Check out more birds at Paying Ready Attention for

13 thoughts on “Cardinals for Christmas

  1. Cardinals always make for a pretty picture. These are all wonderful. Had a quiet Christmas; now looking forward to 2013, hoping it’ll be better than 2012. Merry Christmas, Dina!

  2. Beautiful shots of the Northern Cardinals Dina! I like the header of the American White Pelicans with Santa hats too! Merry Christmas and a very healthy, happy and prosperous New Year to you and yours!

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