Crazy birds at the water fountain

“Where’d the water go?”

“Hey lady, do you know how to turn this thing on?”

“Not enough room guys.”

“Lady, come back over here and turn this on again.”

“Let me in, let me in!”

“Dont’ be a water hog, bird.”

“This guy on the left is a showoff.”  “I want her to see my beautiful wings, dude.”

“I’m done. You guys wanna go find some nuts?”

These guys are loud! I was walking out of the woods toward the parking lot and heard them screaming. I saw a few of them on the utility wires on the other side of the parking lot and walked in that direction. I walked around a big bush and saw a few of them on the water fountain. After a few seconds they flew off. I walked up to the water fountain and turned it on for a minute while they all sat watching me on wire. Then I backed up and they all started flying down on the fountain again. After a couple of minutes they took off into the nearby palm trees.

These black hooded parakeets are not native to North American. They originated in South America and are thought to have been released here in Florida at some point. I see large flocks of them flying throughout the Pinellas county area. They are known to carry Newcastle disease which can affect other songbirds so they are considered feral birds here. They are pretty and funny to watch but they are so loud.

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