A few minutes with a catbird

I’m walking through the gardens at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in late October. I hear a catbird in the bushes and stop. Looking up, I see this staring back at me. He didn’t fly off but stayed very still.

I backed up a few feet and was standing under a tree keeping very still. I kept watching him and after a few seconds he looks over at the berries.

He looks back over at me and guesses I’m not a threat.

And he takes a bite! He looks over at me. Not sure if he thinks I’m going to steal his berry or he wants me to take a picture.

He freezes for a few seconds, looking right at me.

He flips the berry into his mouth and down it goes.

I watched him picking off the berries for a few minutes and then left him in peace. I think those are beauty berries but I’ve never seen them in blue before.

5 thoughts on “A few minutes with a catbird

  1. That’s one of those paid “bird models” they hire seasonally for tourists to snap a picture and show us folks back home…….. Okay, I’m just jealous how you always get terrific birds to pose for you! Very nice!

  2. Oh neat…I never knew that Catbirds ate Porcelain Berries. We have a Catbird on our property and the garden across the lane has the porcelain berries. I must pay better attention;’) beautiful image shares. happy weekend~

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