I finally got to see some fall leaves – Skywatch Friday

My attempt at catching falling leaves.

It wasn’t peak season yet but there were still some pockets of fall colors.

Red was the most predominant color so far.

It was just the beginning. In a few weeks, the city will be covered in orange, yellow and red.

Downtown Atlanta in the far distance. This was taken in Vinings at one of the office building on top of the little Vinings mountain. Hubby’s parents live close behind the red roof in the middle.

Same spot but looking at Buckhead in the distance.

It was a very quick trip to Atlanta to visit the in-laws. Hubby’s dad had just gotten out of the hospital with back surgery. All went well and we were back in the heat and humidity of Tampa days later. I did manage to sneak off for a few hours to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  More on that later.

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7 thoughts on “I finally got to see some fall leaves – Skywatch Friday

  1. My daughters lived in an apartment on top of the hill in Vinings. It’s scarie in the winter going up and/or down. I was sooooo happy when they moved off the ridge- though it is lovely at night.

  2. Whew — I’m glad to see that was Atlanta and not Tampa (I thought climate change might have worked faster than even expected here)… but yeah, actually a quick trip to see some fall leaves would be fun for “real” Floridians like you. (Glad your fil is OK.)

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