Creepy things for Halloween

Since I didn’t have any decent pictures of ghosts, I posted a few creepy things I’ve seen recently to gross you out for Halloween. I’ve been lucky enough to pass by several spiders eating dragonflies or grasshoppers. Just in case the spiders didn’t get you, the bats are from the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. They are free flying in the bird aviary. Although as many times as I’ve been there, I’ve only seen them sleeping high up in the trees. I’d hate to be in there at night.

Don’t eat too much candy!

4 thoughts on “Creepy things for Halloween

  1. Oh yeah, Dina, the spiders got me, big time. I couldn’t scroll through them fast enough.
    The bats are interesting, they look like Australian Flying Foxes. Might be one male and his three wives, do you think?

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