Yes, there are fish there too.

Big bug eyes staring at me.

Beautiful yellow

Everyone was trying to get a picture of this fish.

This school was swimming together in the shark and big stingray tank.

I thought it was cool the way they parted when a stingray came through.

A stingray has two faces. One on top and one on bottom. Although, these are really just his gills. When he breathes, water comes out of the holes. It looks like a big smiley face.

I think these are the most favorite animal at the aquarium. They are so cute. This one was chewing on his tail.

Then he was like “Oh wait, get a good picture of me.” and posed a few seconds before diving in the water.

More fun at the Florida Aquarium on my rainy day trip.


8 thoughts on “Yes, there are fish there too.

  1. Love the yellow tang and of course, the otter, but the neatest photo of the bunch is the choreography of the school of fish with the shaft of light coming down through it!

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