Fighting willets at Fort Desoto

“Hey Wally, can I hang out here with you? This looks like a good spot.”

“No Willy, this is my spot. Not enough for both of us.”

“Come on, we can feed together. “

“No! I was here first. You have to leave.”

These two willets were fighting over something. They kept chasing each other. Most of the time when I’m on the beach I see willets feeding alone. I guess they are more solitary birds when feeding. More shots from my recent morning at Fort Desoto.


9 thoughts on “Fighting willets at Fort Desoto

  1. I don’t think I have even heard fo Willets. What cute birds. Do they always have fuzzy necks or is that part of the fight display. Whatever the answers, I love the pictures … I am guessing you are right. They are probably solitary feeders. There a lot of birds who function that way.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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