Wood duck babies and some geese

Walking around the lake, I see these little fuzz balls. I think they must be mallard babies.

No, they are wood duck babies, in Atlanta.

The babies were playing.

A few Canadian geese float by.

I see a large bird across the lake. I snapped the picture and cropped it up and couldn’t believe there was a great blue heron in the middle of Atlanta. I had never seen a heron in Atlanta before.

On one of the steamy hot mornings during our trip to Atlanta, hubby and I decided to go for a walk around a small lake that sits on the Emery college campus. It’s halfway surrounded by student housing. I never knew it was there when I lived there. Most of trail is shaded so at least the heat wasn’t bad unless we were in the sun. Since it’s was the middle of summer, there weren’t any students hanging around. It was a quiet morning. I was not surprised to see ducks and geese but was surprised to see the wood ducks. I guess since they are pretty rare in the Tampa bay area I figured they wouldn’t be in central Atlanta.  And then to see the great blue heron. The nearest coastline is 4 hours away. Was he lost or has there always been herons hanging around the city? On the trail back to the parking lot, I stopped to check out a pair of downy woodpeckers chasing each other high up in the trees. As I was pointing them out to hubby, he noticed a hummingbird flying right in front of us. Of course I didn’t get a shot of that. It was dark in the woods and he was flying around so fast and then took off.  What a nice way to kill a few hours before hubby’s favorite Atlanta taco stand was open for lunch.

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  1. baby ducks all look the same to me, no matter “what” they come from!! exciting sightings for sure and you got some awesome pictures!!

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