And then there was one

Little crane was getting bugs on his own.

“Popcorn grasshoppers!”

Walking around by himself. (The parents were still close by)

Still getting bites from mom.

Got another one on his own.

Lunch for a crane.

The crane family at Circle B Bar Reserve started with two babies. I saw them when they were about a week old.  A little over two weeks later I headed out and found they were down to one baby. The one baby was doing well but he still has a lot of growing up to do. This was the same couple who lost their only baby in early spring and nested again later in the spring. They were walking down Wading Bird Way so I just sat down on the trail and watched them come towards me. Twice I had to get up and move back. They made it to the intersection at Marsh Rabbit Run trail and then turned around and headed back. They were busy picking the grasshoppers off the brush along the trail. This one is the last to grow up at the reserve, until next spring.

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  1. Amazingly long legs on that baby……must be fun to watch him/her growing, under the watchful eye of mom and dad…. entertaining pics…grasshoppers, yum…

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