Big white and pink things at Circle B Bar Reserve.

When I first got down to the end of Marsh Rabbit Run trail, this is what I saw in the marsh in front of me. Mostly wood storks, great egrets and a few great blue herons.

To the left, the corner of the marsh had even more birds with a few spoonbills thrown in.

Everyone was busy either feeding or preening. I didn’t notice that white pelican in the middle until I got home and cropped this picture.

Spoonbill showing me his “spoon” bill.

The marsh was full. It’s been a long time since there were so  many wading birds at the reserve.

Spoonbill trying to find a spot to land.

I thought this would be my last trip to Circle B Bar Reserve for the summer. It gets so hot there and the wildlife activity slows down in the hottest months. I usually start spending more time along the coast trying to get a sea breeze. I didn’t think I would find too much but was hoping for a stray spring migrating bird hanging around. When I got down to the end of the trail and saw the marsh filled with wading birds I thought it was worth the 45 minute drive over. The water levels around the area had been really low due to the lack of rain and I guess all of the waders in the area came here since there was still a fair amount of water in the marsh. Most of the smaller marsh ponds here have already dried up. It was nice to see all of the big white and pink birds hanging out together.  And no, this wasn’t my last trip for the summer. Two days later I heard there were new late baby sandhill cranes in the park so back I went the next weekend. More on those later.

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14 thoughts on “Big white and pink things at Circle B Bar Reserve.

  1. Wow, marsh bird soup! What fun to see them all together.
    Interesting about the white pelican. Is it an albino brown pelican, or is it a white pelican straying southward? We have white pelicans up here in Alberta, quite a few miles north of Florida. 🙂

  2. Cool sighting of the Wood storks and the Spoonbills. They are both wonderful birds, hope to see them some day myself. Have a great day.

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