Baby limpkins at Kapok Park

What a cutie! I found this family several weeks ago on a walk around Kapok Park after work.  I don’t know if they are the same family that had the 4 babies a few weeks before. There were only 2 babies here. They were under the high boardwalk that runs across the lake.

One of the parents bringing over a snack.

The baby was watching the parent crack open the shell.

Both babies were waiting for food on the edge of the reeds. They stayed pretty well hidden. The parents were close by in the water.

After feeding the baby, the parent was shaking the water off it’s head getting the baby all wet.

4 thoughts on “Baby limpkins at Kapok Park

  1. What is is about babies … they just draw you into their heart. The pictures are excellent as usual and very interesting how easily they open the shell. I would love to have that technique in my kitchen:)

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