Wood ducks taking a bath

He says “You know women, always washing their hair.”

Drying off.

“All ready for bed?”

“No, wait. I still feel a little dirty.”

“Now I’m done.”

He says “I’m never a dirty duck.”

Right before I spotted the baby limpkins at Kapok Park, I ran into this wood duck couple. It was getting late and the sun had gone down behind the trees.  I slowly walked up to the edge of the creek and looked down and saw them. I figured they would immediately start swimming the other way but they did not seem bothered by me standing there. I sat down on the grass and watched them for a few minutes. The female stayed busy preening and bathing and then they both hopped up on the rocks and looked like they were settling in for the night.

5 thoughts on “Wood ducks taking a bath

  1. Wood ducks are gorgeous and your captures are grand! I love watching birds at the bath. Fun and beauty. Can’t beat it!

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