Red eyed beauties at the fishing pier

I see the first one swimming in front of the fishing pier

Later I spot this one in the sailboat basin. Scratching an itch.

Another one making sure his backside is pretty.

Giving me that red eyed devil look.

I stopped at the Safety Harbor fishing pier after seeing the baby owls just to see if anything interesting was there. I found several horned grebes swimming around. These little ducks seem to be popping up everywhere in the bay. I’ve seen several swimming along the causeway. It really is feast or famine. I looked for these guys for two years with no luck and now I see them everywhere. I love those red eyes staring back. They are migratory though and will soon be heading back up north.

5 thoughts on “Red eyed beauties at the fishing pier

  1. Those eyes look lit from within, possibly possessed by something. We’ll be looking for the grebes here before long, the mountain bluebirds are back, so migration is beginning to arrive.

  2. Thanks to you, and a couple of other bloggers, I’m improving my bird-recognition. I thought “grebe” as soon as I saw the first photo.
    I love it when they’re preening. I know they don’t care if they look cute, but I care. LOL
    Thanks, Dina. I really enjoy your blog.

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