Baby owl update

The oldest sibling is now sitting up on a branch that looks over the trail. As you walk down the trail, you can’t help but see this owl watching you walk by (although most joggers aren’t paying attention).

From the back side of the tree. The younger one is still staying close in the nest. You can start to see the colors in the feathers of the bigger one start to form. And look at those talons!

The parent still sits a few branches up from the nest.

As I was leaving the park, an otter showed up for a few seconds right in front of the parking lot. When some bikers came by, he took off down the creek.

An update on the owl babies from last weekend. They are about 6 weeks old at this time. They are growing up so fast. The older one is bigger. It must be at least several days older. I’ll keep checking on them until they fly the coop.

6 thoughts on “Baby owl update

  1. Great picture of the otter….Think we are going to Cliff Stevens side today….Hope to see the otter soon…Love the pictures

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